We offer a variety of commercial knife services. Whether you want your kitchen’s knives sharpened or want to scale your business by investing in a commercial knife exchange program, we have you covered. We come to you and handle gathering, sharpening, and replacing your knives. In addition to knives, we sharpen many other tools and blades. Take a look at our commercial services to see if we can help improve your experience with freshly honed edges.

Commercial Knife Services

We come to you - it is that easy! We offer convenient mobile commercial knife sharpening.

Covid-19 Notice

Our services take safety and sanitzation into account. If you are a commercial kitchen customer we prioritize your safety.

  1. Go To the knife rack
  2. Gather the knives
  3. Store them in a clean sanitized container
  4. Sharpen them in the mobile sharpening van
  5. Wearing a mask for you and your employees safety
  6. Wash the newly sharpened knives in the sink
  7. Safety is our priority

Flexible Commercial Knife Sharpening - On Call

Maybe you don’t need your knives sharpened on a set schedule. Maybe you just need re-edging every now and then. Our mobile knife sharpening program is perfect for you. Just call or schedule a time and we can come by and take care of only the tools you need sharpened. This is a great way to save some money for your business. No need to worry about paying on a set schedule. We come to your business and do all of our sharpening on premise.

Commercial Knife Exchange Program

Also known as a “knife swap” this is a great way for business to have worry-free cutlery. We come to you on a set schedule and replace your used knives with a new set or sharpened ones. This is the ultimate convenient way to make sure your kitchen is running efficiently. We take care of providing the knives, sharpening them, repairing them, and replacing them when needed. Your staff will no long need to worry about having a dull knife - just focus on what matters the most to your business.

Mobile Commercial Knife Sharpening Traverse City, Michigan

Whether you are in need of a comprehensive cutlery package, on call sharpening, or need a custom cutlery program, On Point Cutlery comes to you with our mobile knife sharpening workshop. Your knives will be sharpened conveniently and professionally and returned to you like new or better. We look forward to being able to serve you and help your restaurant or commercial business run efficiently with quality cutlery care.

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